Seeing Food Through A Different Lens

Behind the Lens

My Culinary Window was created as a journal to express my love for cooking and having fun in the kitchen. Since then, it has grown into a site where the focus is not just on creating new recipes, but exploring other cuisines and supporting small businesses. My mission is to shine a light on local restaurants and businesses that are relatively unknown and introducing them to an entirely new audience. I mean if something is good shouldn’t the world know about it? I invite you to join me as I discover new places and learn new things in and out of the kitchen.


I’m Aaron: a 29-year-old southern gentleman currently residing in Chicago. I’m a photo-taking, recipe-making, rule-breaking culinary wizard. When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m out exploring Chicago’s vast food scene. From Luella’s in Lincoln Square to Peaches on 47th, Chicago has it all. So take a ride with me, and let me show you the Chicago they don’t mention in the news! ( I promise you there is more to this city than Giordano’s and gunshots)